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Travel the roads, skies, and waters of your LEGO world with Zavvi’s wide range of LEGO City vehicles. These are essential additions to any urban society, allowing your minifigures to go about their day-to-day lives, take part in fun activities (such as racing cars), and provide important emergency services (like putting out flames with a fire truck).
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LEGO City Vehicle Sets

When your bricks have been assembled to form an expansive metropolis, you need to start thinking about how its inhabitants are going to go from one side of town to the other. Luckily, there are loads of vehicles in the LEGO City theme, ranging from road-worthy cars and motorbikes to planes and boats.

These are useful not only to the city’s locals, but also to the emergency-service workers who keep them safe. If you’re interested in (or have already purchased sets from) the LEGO City Police and Fire sub-themes, you simply must provide them with the necessary vehicles to perform their jobs effectively, whether that be a helicopter for keeping an eye on criminals or a rescue boat for managing fires in the unlikeliest of places.

LEGO City Cars and Motorbikes

The most basic forms of transportation are those that you see lined up and down the streets: cars and motorbikes. However, their frequency doesn’t mean they’re any less interesting. Our LEGO City cars and motorbikes come in all shapes and sizes, including sports vehicles that can be used in conjunction with the LEGO Stuntz line.

LEGO City Trucks, Vans, and Tractors

Sometimes, a car or bike isn’t enough, and you need to bring out the heavy machinery. That’s where our LEGO City trucks, vans, and tractors come in. Proving that size can make a difference, these impressive vehicles can perform all sorts of tasks: emptying bins, tending to farms, and even treating the local minifigures to ice-cold slushies.

Yes, if you want to make your city feel truly alive, you need to add a range of LEGO vehicles to the roads. To get you started, we’d suggest purchasing one of our multi-vehicle sets, such as the Stunt Show Truck (60294), which features both a truck and a flywheel-powered stunt bike.

LEGO City Planes and Helicopters

Conquer the skies with our LEGO City planes and helicopters. Unlike their ground-based counterparts, these vehicles don’t rely on roads, meaning that your minifigures can get from one place to another without delay. This is, of course, imperative when there’s an emergency — for example, the Fire Helicopter (60318) can quickly reach the scene of a blaze and tackle the flames before they spread.

LEGO City Boats

The inner city may not have need of floating vehicles, but there’s plenty of water beyond the dock. In the interest of play, our LEGO City boats are completely buoyant, so kids can come up with imaginative scenarios during those oh-so-tiresome bath times.