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LEGO Stuntz Parks and Arenas

Debuted in late 2021, The LEGO Stuntz sub-theme is an extension of the LEGO City line. Unlike other sub-themes under this banner (such as Police or Fire), the emphasis is placed not on day-to-day urban living, but on adrenaline-fuelled entertainment. Collectors can hold competitions and set up challenges thanks to the inclusion of launch ramps, obstacles, and flames.

If that weren’t enough, different LEGO Stuntz sets can be combined to form even more complex challenges, the likes of which will excite and thrill collectors of all ages (kids and adults). That’s right: the possibilities are limited only by the scope of your imagination. Line the stands of your arena with minifigure spectators, and give them a show they won’t soon forget, filled with death-defying feats (such as leaps through rings of fire and deadly blades) and plenty of showmanship.

LEGO Stuntz Bikes and Trucks

Setting the stage is one thing, but the show can’t proceed without its stars, and to perform, they need the right vehicles. Fortunately, there are plenty of LEGO Stuntz bikes and trucks to choose from, either included as part of a complete LEGO Stuntz set or sold separately.

These miniature LEGO Stuntz vehicles are the perfect size to be used with minifigures, so you can select your daredevil (including the likes of Nate and Citrus the Clown from the LEGO City Adventures TV series) and take them for a high-speed thrill ride, making use of the flywheel-powered functionality, which uses pull-back motors to allow the vehicle to accelerate forward.