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Borderlands Clothing

Scavenge the contents of Zavvi US’s collection of Borderlands clothing, and explore the wastelands of Pandora. Here you will find tons of officially licensed products — T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies — that are inspired by the fan-favourite series of video games.

The Hunt Begins

Developed by Gearbox Software, the first game in the Borderlands franchise was released in 2009. It transported players to Pandora, a distant planet that interstellar megacorporations once tried to colonise before arriving at the conclusion that there was almost nothing of value to plunder, only hostile lifeforms and mysterious artifacts. Regretfully, their assessment is discovered to be wrong, for on the surface of this planet rest the Eridian Vaults, which are said to house untold riches.

To take advantage of this new revelation, the corporations start returning to their former territory. However, they are not alone in this pursuit, accompanied by several Vault Hunters, some of whom — Brick, a Berserker; Lilith, a Siren; Mordecai, a Hunter; and Roland, a Soldier — are the focus of the game’s narrative. Together, they face the dangers of Pandora: the paramilitary forces of the Atlas Corporation, the local wildlife, and those left behind by the original colonisation effort (now outlaws and bandits). The group must also contend with a ticking clock, the Vault that they seek only being accessible once in every 200 years, and the artifacts needed to access their prize are heavily protected, one in the possession of the bandit lord Baron Flynt. Fortunately, they are not on their own, aided by the robot Claptrap and the archaeologist Patricia Tannis.

Later instalments, including a prequel, venture beyond the harsh terrain of Pandora, giving players the opportunity to explore its moons, where Eridian Vaults have also been located.

Raid Our Vault

Are you seeking a high-value prize? We have tons of quality Borderlands clothing, all of which are available for a comparatively low price. Start browsing our T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, and find your perfect size (from XS to 4XL).