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Dare to return to Derry with Zavvi’s wide range of Stephen King’s It clothing. Inspired by the ’90s miniseries and the updated movie adaptations, our selection of Pennywise T-shirtssweatshirts, and hoodies is ready to join your wardrobe. But what else could be hiding inside?
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Pennywise Clothing

Stephen King is well known for creating some of the scariest characters in the horror genre, and It (a 1986 novel) is no different. The character — or should we say monster? — after whom the book is named, Pennywise, is many people’s greatest fears come to life. And that is by design.

Pennywise’s modus operandi is to terrify its prey, which is predominantly children, so that it can feast upon fear. Unfortunately, this is not a metaphorical feasting, as this fear can only be absorbed through the consumption of flesh. The residents of Derry, the fictional town in which Pennywise resides, are the unlucky souls who have the misfortune of living in its hunting grounds, and for many of them, the Dancing Clown is the last thing they will ever lay their eyes upon.

If you’ve seen the 1990 miniseries or 2017 film adaptation, we’ve no doubt that you’re familiar with the opening scene, during which Georgie Denbrough loses his paper sailboat down a storm drain. While attempting to recover it, he encounters Pennywise, who lures him closer and closer before tearing his arm clean off and dragging him into the sewers.

This horrifying moment is one that you can never forget, and our line-up of It clothing pays homage to the talent of King and those who brought his written work to life. That’s right: Georgie’s fatal encounter with the monster of Derry has been immortalised with a print inspired by the 2017 film by director Andy Muschietti.

Stephen King T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies

Fans of King’s work are aware that he doesn’t need to use shock horror to unsettle his readers. The King of Horror can set the tone through subtle imagery alone, pictured in readers’ minds and on the big screen. Take Pennywise’s red balloon, for example. Or Georgie’s yellow raincoat. Without the need for a show of razor-sharp teeth, this talented author raises the threat level and has us guessing what’s next.

Our It clothes (which include T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies) aim to evoke a similar feeling, with prints featuring both scenes from the live-action adaptations and artistic interpretations of recurring motifs, such as the aforementioned red balloon. On top of all that, you’ll also find quotes, like the bone-chilling ‘You’ll float too.’