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BB-9E Merchandise

Travel to a galaxy far, far away, and bring home a variety of BB-9E merchandise — ideal for fans of the sequel trilogy. Yes, you didn’t hear us wrong. Zavvi US has embraced the dark side of the force, and that includes droid manufacturing.

Here you will find a whole host of products inspired by the infamous astromech droid BB-9E. These are the best gifts for Star Wars fans and collectors, so make sure you’ve got the perfect present on hand for May the 4th.

Everyone deserves their own droid companion, and we have a ton of exclusive offers so that you can purchase your own. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling!

A Sidekick Droid

The Star Wars franchise is jampacked full of droids, many of which take on a prominent role in the narrative. Some of the most famous droids are C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, IG-11, and — of course — BB-9E.

BB-9E made his first appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) as an evil counterpart to BB-8. ON the set, the droid received the nickname BB-H8 — as in “BB-hate.” Though lesser known than other famous Star Wars droids that featured in the films, this versatile little guy has been a crucial ally to many video-game fans. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, he was a strong contender for one of the most helpful allies.

The first First Order–affiliated droid in the game, BB-9E comes equipped with smoke screens, shock spins, and charge ups. Undoubtedly, BB-9E is not one to be messed with, capable of turning the tide in any conflict.

Droid Deals

If you're looking for a great Star Wars gift for a loved one, our BB-9E merchandise has everything you’re looking for. Our exclusive deals are truly out of this galaxy, so engage your hyperdrives to ensure you don’t miss out!